1.24.14 Film from Apple

Shot entirely on 15 iPhones by 15 Cinematographers in 15 locations on 5 continents all in one day. 45 stories told using 100 iPhones, resulting in over 70+ hours of footage edited by 21 Editors entirely on Macintosh. 46 iPads were used by crew members as well as 86 Macs.

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Temples and Brothels Creator Mou Blogs

R-LDS The irony is that I was at this party last week, so randomly, I made two new friends who told me they were RLDS- and I had never even heard of it. (continued on TemplesandBrothels.com)

Temples and Brothels

Age 23, To be or not to be an FLDS Refugee?

He’s 23 and was born and raised in a polygamist family just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s been mostly home-schooled, but for the last few years he dreams of leaving the only world he has ever known, behind. He doesn’t believe in the religion, he says, but leaving means he has to say goodbye to his family. Forever. Once he leaves, he will not be allowed to make contact with them. This is not an easy decision to make. (continued at TemplesandBrothels.com)

Temples and Brothels

FanAddict IndieGoGo Campaign

What is FanAddict?

FanAddict is a personal music journal app for fans of live and recorded music. It is the ONLY app that lets you create your own digital scrapbook, where you can also track and discover new artists, events and music.

FanAddict is all about personal discovery and destination. Track concerts, buy tickets, follow artists' Twitter feeds, download songs, track and relive your memories and get exclusive promotions from your favorite bands and venues - all in one place!!

  • Track who's on tour and where, locally and nationally
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30,000 Views in 3 Weeks!

Unbelievable!! Over 30,000 views in only 3 weeks!! I don't have any videos that have been seen that many times. Not even close! The comments on the YouTube page for the video have been nothing but positive (Spanish) responses about the song mainly, but there are still great responses about the video there too! Thanks again for the amazing response!