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What is FanAddict?

FanAddict is a personal music journal app for fans of live and recorded music. It is the ONLY app that lets you create your own digital scrapbook, where you can also track and discover new artists, events and music.

FanAddict is all about personal discovery and destination. Track concerts, buy tickets, follow artists' Twitter feeds, download songs, track and relive your memories and get exclusive promotions from your favorite bands and venues - all in one place!!

  • Track who's on tour and where, locally and nationally
  • Discover new artists and songs based on your own music tastes
  • Document all your favorite events
  • Upload your photos
  • Take notes and make comments
  • Merge, create and store set lists
  • Purchase set lists
  • Buy event tickets
  • Access to exclusive promotions from bands, promoters and venues
  • Follow artists and bands' social media feeds