Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas - March 30, 2012:  Darvo Hi Films and Overlooked Productions presents a documentary film about sex and religion: Temples & Brothels.  Darvo Hi Films is a documentary film production company based out of Los Angeles, CA and Kansas City, MO.


The film is about sex and religion, and will focus on concepts, ideologies and beliefs surrounding sexual practices, which are instigated by religious dogma and then carried out in society by law enforcement and other religious followers, often times perpetuating fear, misunderstanding, lack of education, judgment, stigma, and sometimes worse, which ultimately have led us to a moral breakdown in humanity. Education, normalization and in many cases legalization are at the root of breaking down the ongoing corruption on humanity.  This film will focus on concepts such as prostitution or polygamy which are illegal in most states.  Normalization of prostitution, polygamy and various other 'alternative' sex practices would help to eliminate violence, objectification, control, and the overall lack of independence of women and would stop vilifying men as perverts, perpetrators and beasts. A healthy understanding of human sexuality would benefit society as a whole.

One of the bigger goals for this film is to discuss why the business of prostitution is beneficial to our society, and why legalization is a better choice.  We will do this by gathering footage from the sex workers and the patrons who benefit from this business by discussing it’s positive aspects in their lives

Society vilifies men and objectifies women who partake in the prostitution business, yet it is the oldest profession in the world. The goal of this film is to normalize men's sexuality, to encourage people to have healthy attitudes about sex. It is our belief that until we legalize prostitution, or at least recognize prostitution as a positive aspect of business and society, women will continue to be objectified, targeted through violence, control and manipulation. The stigma around prostitution limits women's autonomy, and perpetuates shame and guilt around sex for everyone.

We will start this journey in America, and then we will go to the other side of the world, Asia, where there is another epidemic which undermines both women and men's sexuality, and that is human trafficking. As long as we perpetuate religious doctrines upon our sexuality, inhumane treatment of humans, whether, man, woman or child will continue.

All of the contributors and crew members of the film have a strong personal dedication to the concepts of the film as well. Sex and religion are powerful and meaningful concepts in most people’s lives, and Temples and Brothels hopes to bridge the gap.
If you or anyone you know is interested in being a part of this film, please contact Chris Knitter at or Moushumi Ghose at




Yours Truly

The Creators of Temples & Brothels

Moushumi and Chris