Brothelville, America Tour 2012

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Brothelville, America Tour 2012


Yesterday as we drove out from Las Vegas north on the 15, and then West out on the 95, we knew we were out in the desert but as we left civilization more and more it became apparent we were heading into the vast empty land of Area 51 and aliens we were also heading into what we affectionately term Brothelville, or Nye County, Nevada were there are now 7 legal houses of prostitution, bordellos, brothen, brothels.


What is a Brothel?


Bordello, from the Old French borde meaning hut. Brothel, from the Germanic-French brothen meaning go to ruin. These unique to Nevada business establishments are stringently regulated. Where such businesses can be located is determined by the county government. Some are found by themselves at lonely crossroads like Lida Junction, some are found in populated areas like Elko but none are found in heavily populated areas like Las Vegas or Reno.


Yesterday, we had the privilege to visit 6 brothels in Nye Co, Nevada.


1st stop: Bikinis. Bikinis opened last year and is the first of it’s kind in the area, in that it is a gentleman’s club and brothel.  The two ladies working in the bar were nice enough, and seemed eager to talk to us, however, we were given the kibosh by their owner who despite the bar being totally empty said, “We’re trying to run a business here.” Bikinis is located at 100 Airport Rd, in Beatty, NV.


2nd stop: Angel’s Ladies. Angel’s Ladies serves no alcohol. Most of the brothels we’d been to had a full bar, this was the first of it’s kind. Angel's Ladies is an “Oasis in the Desert. With over 80 acres of land to hike and play in, a natural Hot Mineral Spring that feeds the 65,000 gallon Swimming Pool, trees and private bungalows. Angel's offers what no other Nevada Brothel can. Seclusion, privacy and Fun in the Sun with the Girl of your choice.”  And true to their calling we did find that they were the “ THE FRIENDLIEST BROTHEL IN NEVADA, 
 AN OASIS IN THE DESERT!” Mac, the somewhat owner talked openly to us about his home and love for the place and the ladies were friendly and open.

Angel’s Ladies is located in Beatty,  NV off the 95 Hwy.

3rd stop:  Shady Lady Ranch. About an hour past Angel’s Ladies is Shady Lady.  We were told by an old man that opened the door that their ladies did not want to participate on film.

4th stop: Dennis Hof’s The Love Ranch. Located in Crystal Nevada, off the 95 and the 160 hwy. This is the former Cherry Patch 2, which is being renovated by Mr. Cathouse himself Dennis Hof’s, (owner of The Bunny Ranch which was the setting for Cathouse on HBO). We met with some really lovely ladies here,  who will call Peaches and Cream,  for now, who were both ready and willing to be shot on camera, but wanted to get the okay from their boss man, Mr. Dennis Hof. It just so happenes that he came into town last night, so we’re heading back to Love Ranch today, to plead our case. One of the ladies told us that Dennis is speaking at Oxford on the legalization of prostitution, and how making it illegal perpetuates trafficking. We think alike Mr. Hofs… To be continued.


5th stop: Chicken Ranch.  The lady at the door told us to check with Judy. “She’ll be in tomorrow.” No luck, but we’ll be back.

6th stop: Sheri’s Ranch. We spent quite a bit of time bonding with the ladies of Sheri’s last time, in August 2011. We are still waiting for Sheri’s corporate to approve the filming. Sheri’s is a bigger brothel, with 5 times as many women and just a higher caliber of clientele. We’d love to share the love with Sheri’s but time is of the essence, and this film needs to be made.

This film isn’t about any particular brothel, but since Brothels cannot advertise (their women can) we can provide exposure in exchange. Our goal is to get the information about legalized prostitution out. Too many women are being solicited, often against all odds, and subject to violence, submission, hostility, and suffering. We’d love to end suffering, and trafficking, and of course general attitudes about sex, and prostitution.

Did you know that many men go to a prostitute for intimacy, tenderness, cuddling? Sometimes they don’t even want sex.

Did you know that the women in these brothels are tested, both urine and blood, weekly for STDs and HIV? 

Did you know condom use is required in brothels? 

Brothels are safer than hooking up with a random chic at a bar. Most brothels welcome women, also.  Brothels have saved many a marriages. When relationships go awry,  a man can get reset emotionally by spending the evening with a clean, warm and gentle lady, who encourages him to go back home and be a better husband. 

Prostitutes can be a married woman’s best friend. If only most married women knew this. But illegalized acts of solicitation have caused women to fear this profession and men’s sexuality to be vilified. Our goal is to change attitudes. 

We’re heading back out to Crystal and Beatty, NV today. So far some of the smaller brothels will be featured in our film: Stardust Ranch and Big 4 Ranch both in Ely, NV which we visited last August, and now Angel’s Ladies, in Beatty NV.[gallery] 

Not all brothels are created equal, but they are all homes of legalized prostitution and that is a good thing.