Two Days in Death Valley

Some 150 miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada

Spent the last two days driving around the desert, going to brothels and trying to get footage, and information for our film. We didn’t really have a plan except that we were going to get back to Sheri’s and hope they let me film there. Well, they didn’t. I was also turned away by Shady Lady. Chicken Ranch told us to come back. I sent Judy at Chicken Ranch an email, but never did go back as we ran out of time.

Angel’s Ladies, a tiny mom and pop run brothel on Hwy 95 out in Amargosa Valley,  did let us film, so we went back for a 2nd day, for “Scarlotte”, “Angel” and the grounds tour. As I mentioned before, the ladies at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South: Vanessa, Daisy Mae and Bella expressed interest in the film also, and were going to put in a good word about our project to their boss man Dennis oddly enough happened to be in town. (I find it interesting he was in town, as he lives in northern Nevada. And we weren’t supposed to be in the area until two days later, which would have been today, but due to our work schedules we have to push our schedule up.) We got lucky. 

So, as promised we stopped by Love Ranch at 2PM and Daisy Mae said she hadn’t heard from Dennis yet. We decided to drive to Beatty, NV in Death Valley to at least get this footage of Angel’s. With lack of participation from the brothels, I really wanted to give Angel’s as much love as possible, since they were being so cooperative.  (Similar to Stardust Ranch and Big 4 in Ely, NV from our last excursion who are also going to be featured.) But, not all brothels are created equal. Not all prostitutes are created equal. And, I definitely want to show the varieties that do exist.

Enroute to Angel’s we stopped at the Alien Travel Stop for snacks and bathroom. Out in the desert these stops are few and far between, sometimes there may be nothing for 60-70 miles. It’s good to get out and stretch your legs. The prior day before we’d even known about Love Ranch South. (I had google'd the "brothels in Nye County, Nevada" and Love Ranch never popped up in a search. Neither did Angel's for that matter. I just saw Angel's enroute to Shady Lady and decided to pull in. "Angel" and Mac at Angel’s filled us in on the newest brothel in town, Love Ranch. The brothels cannot advertise, that's part of the law, so I guess I wasn't that surprised.) We had stopped here also and marveled at area 51 hype, aliens and prostitution. I was wondering why all the billboards were owned by ‘Bunny Ranch.’ Now it was all starting to make sense. (Dennis Hof bought Cherry Patch 2 in 2011. The Love Ranch South is currently being remodeled. He also owns the travel station and will be remodeling it too.) So this time we stopped there, I gave the girl working there, whom we’d seen the day before, our press release about the movie. She hears me out, reads the release and says, “Oh, Dennis is in the back. Do you want to talk to him?” What? That kind of caught me off guard. “Sure, “ I said, I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to talk to the Brothel King himself. But he wasn’t in back as she’d thought, and she spent the next 5 minutes tracking him down, which I thought was super kind of her. She did not have to do that. I for sure was not expecting any of it. She eventually was able to speak with someone named Steve, and told him we’d be back at the Love Ranch South to meet with Dennis at 5-5:30PM, after which I also heard her say, “Well yea, they don’t wanna film anything without talking to Dennis first.” She not only went out of her way to help us, but also had our back.  Thank you, kind girl, I wish I'd gotten your name.

About 3PM now and we ventured on up the road, (in desert speak that’s about about 50 miles “up the road”) to Angel’s where Scarlotte and Angel gave us a complete tour of the grounds, including their hot springs, hiking trails and bungalow suites. They gave us a lot more in depth detail about their experiences in prostitution and in Brothelville.  We didn’t leave Angel’s until about 5PM, and I was starving. Interviewing and driving and filming out in the desert, you know.  I needed caffeine and food. We weren’t going to make it back to Love Ranch South in time.  But it wasn’t a sure thing and I decided not to rush it.

After Angel’s, food and refueling ourselves we began traveling back on the 95 towards Las Vegas. I called Love Ranch and spoke with the house lady Beth, she informed me that Dennis hadn’t been by there yet, and she would give him a message. I gave her my number. She ended the conversation with “Have a good night.” I took that to mean, we weren’t going to be given the green light to shoot at Dennis Hof’s The Love Ranch South. So, I put the cruise control on 80 and set down the highway. “Were going back to Vegas,” I told Chris.  I didn’t think he’d call, in fact I didn’t think she’d even give him the message.  A few minutes later, however, I look down at my phone, which has intermittent service out in the desert and see that I have a missed call and a voicemail from a (775) area-code plus number. It was close to 6PM.  I was kind of surprised. I thought it was probably one of the girls calling us back, I’d given them all my business cards and numbers.  But, I was surprised to hear the message, that in fact it was Dennis Hof himself. I told him we were up the road, just past the Alien travel center and we were on our way. He said, “Okay, you are about 25 minutes away. See you soon.” The rest is history, as they say. We met and hung out with Dennis and his girlfriend Cami, and he let us film the brothel and the ladies, namely Vanessa, Daisy Mae and Bella and of course Cami made a cameo... 

This post is dedicated to you Love Ranch South And Angel’s Ladies, thank you, thank you for your cooperation and for letting us feature you in our film. We are deeply honored. 

Thank you, in Love, Light and Lube, Mou