I am making a film...Please spread the word.

The North American Wild West is a hot bed of unchartered sexual territory, a sexual frontier still in many ways. From legalized prostitution in Nevada, to excommunicated Mormon polygamists in the border towns of Utah and Arizona, from the porn capital in the San Fernando Valley, to the transgender capital in Colorado. But, the banning of gay marriage in California as instigated by the Mormon church in Utah, and other various attempts at colonization of the Wild West continue. This film will look at the illegalization and random regulations of such sexual practices to benefit religious and fiscal pursuits as they continue to infiltrate this region, in an attempt to indoctrinate this unchartered sexual frontier, and how colonization often sets forth in motion the fundamentalist mentality and regime.  

Until the word is out there, far and wide, we cannot possibly get funded. Please share this website with your friends.