Do you have what it takes to be a crew member?

This request is not for the faint of heart...

I'm a sex therapist, and musician, living in Los Angeles and currently I am making my first documentary film, a sex positive documentary film called, Temples and Brothels. It's a film about sex, and sexuality lifestyles in the West. The film is being produced by Producer Chris Knitter and his company Overlooked Productions.

One main focus are the brothels in Nevada, and the film features Dennis Hof's leading lady Cami Parker from the HBO hit series Cathouse. The film will also include Joe Darger and his 3 wives, who's story based the HBO hit series Big Love.

...But first, I need to go back to Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. In Colorado is a town called Trinidad, which is the capital of sex changes (a very prominent sexual reassignment doc lives there,) and in Arizona are many polygamists who have been excommunicated from the Mormon church. The film will focus on these three lifestyles. We will also address CA's law, Proposition 8 which ban's same sex marriage, which itself was a Mormon initiative.

We are looking for camera crew, and editors, based in Los Angeles, who are willing to take a week or two off of their day jobs in the next year, (maybe next 2-3 years) to travel to these states and gather footage with me. This is unpaid, but when we have enough footage we are going for funding. Thus, the opportunity to make money is there, on the backend. Although I'd love to meet everyone and chat with everyone, please message me at only if you are absolutely interested in this line of work, sex positive and can take minimal time 1-2 weeks off unpaid within the next year, with hopes for getting paid later.

Thank you again, and I do look forward to meeting and speaking with everyone interested. :-)

Thank you,