Pre-Production Weekend in LA was a fun success!

[gallery]After the tattoo shop we headed over to BJ's, which we also through was quite apropos considering we were in Chatsworth, the porn captial... I mean the place is seriously called BJ's, I know, Right? But in actuality it's a chain, a steakhouse and brewery chain, I doubt it really signifies BlowJobs, but we like to laugh and say it does.  Hey why not, this film is about Sex and Religion after all, and we were in Chatsworth.. 

Later in the evening we hit up Toi on Sunset for Thai food.... 
Saturday afternoon was spent working on marketing, production this and that. Saturday Evening was Sushi at Sushi Dan's in Studio City, where we were joined by our Utah Events Coordinator and Contributor, Los Angeles based Jenae Heitkamp, and the highlight of the weekend was hanging out at Voyeur on Saturday night in West Hollywood, a classy club that displays some more extreme levels of eroticism, not quite a bikini bar, and not quite a gentlemans club, but something a little more trendy and acceptable for a cosmopolitan bunch, in between sexy and cheesy, we liked it, in fact we loved the space and the vibe, but weren't sure about the crowd in it's entirity, might be a little too trendy for us Guerilla grassroots types. Although being bred somewhat in Los Angeles, and in Mary Ward Hall, we can clean up nicely.
Sunday was more shooting and discussion, planning and brainstorming. We had desired to interview people to get more people involved in conversations. We got what we got, and we're doing what we're doing. Crazy is as crazy does and we're doing it for sure. The promo should be up and ready in a few short weeks.
Stay tuned. We've got more plans in the making, ideas, preparations and oh yeah our Southwest trip this summer which will land us in Salt Lake City, destination UTAH to interview the mormons is in July. We'll be back in Los Angeles for a Fund Raiser this Fall, and hitting our peeps up in Toronto as well. And then we are off to India this winter, to avoid the monsoon rainy seasons don't let the rains come down on me. Shhooooot. Yes, we will!

Sex And Religion, Director and Creator,

These are random pics from the weekend... Most are taken by the Director of Photography Chris, and you can see why he is in charge! Fearless!!




That there is Lara's fortune at Toi on Sunset... Don't forget to add on Darvoset and In Bed to your fortune at all times...

-DarvoHi Film Crew