Secrets and Lies....

Viva Las Vegas. Viva Hookers and Homos.

Do I like Las Vegas? I am torn. This whole concept of, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” breeds dishonesty, so it’s not about living honestly and genuinely. Not to mention it perpetuates shame. So, the whole concept that draws people to Las Vegas, to abandon their inhibitions for just a weekend is an idea that does not sit well with me. It makes a mockery of sex and sexuality, and suggests that our feelings are animalistic, which are “bad” and “shameful” but here in Las Vegas, do what you want and we won’t tell anyone. It’s the whole “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” concept all over again. It’s a playground for the conservatives and the republicans to don their everyday façade for a weekend of letting loose. Being free. It basically is suggesting that once you go back to your every day life you are no longer allowed to live freely. Bull shit I say.

But, there are a lot of things about Las Vegas and the state of Nevada, which are wonderful. As I mentioned before this is the real wild wild west. A little scary for us city folk maybe, but a lot of what the wild west stands for is fine by me. I love all the performances that go on in Vegas, this is truly a home for a performer, and an artist. Prostitution and gambling are legal and as long as it’s not hurting anyone why put unnecessary bans on things? Because they are not Christian-like? But blaming it on religious, right winged, conservatives doesn’t seem to be the answer either. For tomorrow as we will see some of the most fundamentalists of religious sects believe in extreme forms of Polygamy. 

And, yet, there seems to be another piece unfolding as we journey. A movie within a movie.

But I have to keep that under my hat for now. It’s top secret.

I'm also not going to tell you where we are staying...