Winding Down Wild West Tour, August 2011 Leg

On Monday, August 15, 2011 the crew left Ely, Nevada and again drove through the empty vastness, running on empty. At one point we were with no gas and no deodorant, passing cars in the fast lane with cars coming head on at full speed. We were living on the edge. Laugh out loud.

We came back to Vegas. And were sort of culture shocked for the first few hours. Compared to the empty road and the tiny desert city of Ely, The Vegas Strip is maddening, and crazy. Crowded, loud and it’s just not that easy to get from point A to point B. After settling into our hotel rooms, we met over at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which is thankfully located slightly off the strip.  It was national Rum day and we had been invited by some friends to attend the Sailor Jerry’s Rum fest. We hung out by the pool for a few hours then in the after hours we headed upstairs to the Real World Suite for an after party where an old acquaintance’s band was performing.  It was boys in pompadours and fedora’s and pin-up girls. And the Lucky Cheat’s, well they’re a rock-a- billy band. We hung out with some local Las Vegas rock-a-billy’s and I was reminded again how amazingly nice Nevada natives are.  

Chris and I stayed up late last night, viewing all the footage Chris diligently shot over the last week of me and all the amazing people I met. “Why doesn’t that lady ever shut up?” I asked. But it’s rhetorical really, because I know why I talk so much.  I’ve got a lot of things to say.  I’m not just the creator of this film. I’m a writer. Writers are by nature, verbose. Haha!!  But, really, I also know when to shut up. All I am going to say now is that there is so much stuff we have way too much great stuff to share for you guys in the film, and I simply cannot wait.

Today, Chris and I tied up loose ends. We paid Sheri’s Cabaret a visit. Sheri’s Cabaret is a Live Nude venue, with shuttle and limo service to their sister venue, Sheri’s Ranch in Parumph, NV. Since prostitution is illegal is Las Vegas and all of Clark County.

We drove around the Adult entertainment districts and then we drove through Chapel district to take some pictures for the cover of my upcoming book, “Marriage, Money and Porn.” My book will be out in September. After tying up loose ends.

This leg is almost over. But, this journey is barely just starting. As the creator and director I have learned so much on this leg of our journey, not just about the direction of this film but also about my role as a director, sex therapist, artist, creator and mostly about myself and the pursuit of my endeavors, my creations which are becoming much greater than me.

I first want to acknowledge my dedicated and devoted partner in crime Chris Knitter, the director of photography, and executive producer on this film. He did not turn the camera off for one minute, and stead-fastedly (is that a word?) captured the entire story and the entire trip, kept the camera on me, not missing a beat, and was not only able to keep up with my every whim and match my stride but who also is a huge contributor, influence and driving force behind this project.

No. It’s not always easy. In fact going on the road in pursuit of a vision, of a passion of a creative endeavor is quite difficult. Personality differences and sharing small living spaces in close quarters with different people, everyone on their own personal journeys, coming together for one cause, day in, day out, for days on end, is actually a pretty big feat. You really get to know one another in these scenarios, that is one thing for sure. But we are doing it.  We’ve got both feet inside the door now. There is no turning back.

This project is not exclusive nor it is inclusive. We are always looking for like-minded hearts and minds who are interested and have something to contribute or share. We invite you to join our journey. We are already on the ride. If you want to be a part of it, all you gotta do is jump on.

We've had many contributors for this film so far, and everyone's part is important as it contributes to the big picture. Every little bit counts. And, once you are on our team, you are on our team for life. We don't kick anyone out of Darvo Hi Films, unless of course you steal from us ;-)or kick yourself out.

If any part of this film interests you please do not hesitate to email, either myself or Chris at and, respectively and let us know. We are open to ideas. We need camera assistants, admin assistants, technical people, experts on any of the aforementioned topics and the like, so your contribution is very very important, and absolutely appreciated. We just love self-starters and finishers, and believe that follow through is important. As a contributor, the more you put in the more you will get out of it.  We know we can be hard to work with, because we are hard workers. But we are also smart workers, diligent and focused on getting the job done.

We are in the process of securing funding for this project, and for future Temples and Brothels projects. So, currently all positions are volunteer. We understand your time is valuable, and don’t expect you to give more than is comfortable for you. But, we do expect to pursue this as far as we can take it, and to eventually pay and reimburse all contributors. So, if you are interested we invite you to come along. Come and join us!

Eventually, we want to explore different regions around the world. Temples and Brothels: The Wild West will be our first short documentary project to exemplify and showcase our vision, our direction, our potential and to suggest the possibilities for the future films we would like to do.

Chris just got on a plane to Kansas City. And, I’m heading back to Los Angeles tonight. But not for long. We have plans to hit the road for San Francisco, and Reno NV within weeks.  So stay tuned for more advenutres in Brothels, Temples and more. And as always, thanks for coming along on this journey. We hope you are enjoying the ride! We are!