No We Shan't Find Another Cause.

There is a new development with one of our interviewees. Having to do with legal, prostitution and child custody. I sort of think this more has to do with our state of sexuality in society today, the way it's going, the slanderous job the lawyers are doing to turn her into an unfit mother and take her child away, based solely on her profession. 

The female mediator on the case, wrote a 30-page report based on our interviewees profession as a legal prostitute in the state of Nevada, not based on any fact, it seems, nor any knowledge of the person, just simply based on her profession.  And why is she getting away with this? Parltly, because our interviewee has no money to hire a fancy lawyer, and two because of the stigma around prostitution.

There is a stigma around sex workers. No doubt about it. As Jezebel points out sex workers do all the things women are not supposed to do, walking around scantily clad at night, to name one of the few.


And what about babies? Women who are sex workers, and doing it the legal way, are business women, just like anyone with a job. These women just tend to the more real, honest aspects of life, in my opinion. Brothels exist for a reason. A prostitute is a married woman's best friend. Men buy and pay for these services. These women often provide men with much more than a screw. They provide them an outlet to be someone else, or be themselves whatever the case may be. They help them through relationship ailments, and sexual dysfunctions. These men go back to their daily lives sated. Unfit mother? How? This is akin to saying a gay couple is not fit to be parents. It's based on hate, lack of knowledge, fear, and lies. 

Reality check for Mou. “What kind of a man lurks in the dark at sex positivie events, who clearly has no desire to support positive sexuality?”  I think I got my answer.

So, he won't defend a sex worker in a court of law, unless she has money. Not saying I was expecting him to take on just any pro bono case. I'm a therapist. I know our time as service providers are valuable. But, as our interviewee pointed out, he cou'd have politely declined. I just thought he'd be more sensitive to a sex worker, having represented a brothel owner. Clearly I was wrong. And not all lawyers are like this. Some laywer might just defend her, regardless of money.

But then he tells me, and I quote, “You should move on and find yourself another cause.”

I was floored. Again, at a total loss. For me at Temples and Brothels, there is no other cause. Find another cause? Find another cause?

This film is about opening minds, and shifting attitudes when it comes to sex and sexuality. My work as a sex therapist is about opening minds through psycho-education and shifting attitudes when it comes to sex and sexuality. Legalizing prostitution and giving rights to sex worker goes hand in hand with helping rid society of the stigmas, myths and false beliefs.

So, in a word. NO. No, we shan’t find another cause.

I thanked him for his time and quickly got off the phone.

I'm not here to change the world, just to shed some light.

In love, light and lube,