Behind the Scenes

Last week was a busy week for Darvo Hi Films as we met with several key players while Chris Knitter (aka Knits) our producer was in town, in Los Angeles. And, thus the films story line continues to unfold.

Among the interviews we had 1 mormon, 1 ex-mormon who are married to each other, 2 gay men wanting to marry and well informed about the status of proposition 8, 1 former legal sex worker and 1 muslim. Oh, and a surprise appearance by a male escort. And, among these, also lots of conversations abound about sex, drugs, marriage, polygamy, prostitution, proposition 8 and the law in general. 

Thank you to Chris Knitter, Katarina Fabic for operating the cameras and Szymon Potynski for technical assistance. Thank you to Jenae Morgan and Raul Olivas for hosting. Thanks to Zainy, Tessa, Brian, Peyton, Damon and Justin for your time and valuable information, and all of the aforementioned for your insightful conversations and input for our upcoming sex positive film Temples and Brothels. Here are some pics.



And... the journey continues.