Happy New Year!!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone who helped me in 2011 get this project off the ground. Your contributions mean a lot to me, and if I may do so speak on behalf of everyone at Darvo Hi Films, we appreciate all your efforts to help us see this project come to fruition. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In 2012 we hope to see a lot of what we started begin to come to fruition. We will be reaching out to many supporters, contributors, mentors, educators, old and new to help us get out our message out, one of education, enlightenment to encourage more positive views on sexuality, in hopes of shifting current cultural and societal views, which see sex as shameful and sexuality as black and white, and to encourage more open minded-ness towards ideas and an overall embracing of the social-sexual condition in humanity. 

With this we set the intention for 2012, to bring you and to recieve more love, light and lube.

In prosperity, health and wellness, Happy New Year!!




Creator/ Director/ Founder of the Temples and Brothels film project.