The Wild West

We are currently in the first phase of our film making journey. We spent 2011 in the West, the FAR West, that is the Southwest of the United States. We visited Brothels in Nevada, we visited Temples in Utah, we surviellanced the border cities along Arizona, Nevada, and Utah which are populated with fundamentalists, polygamists and the like, and in California we spoke to many who have been affected by an initiation done by the church, called Proposition 8. This country alone holds a vast array of ideologies and lifetstyles which are far to often, in my opinion, disected and judged. I think everyone has a human right to live and express themselves as they please, as long as it doesn't hurt others. But at last we don't. We do pass judgment and often times that is a result of a lack of understanding and a lack of knowledge.  With a little exposure and education a lot about humanity and the choices we make as individuals could be better understood.

This documentary is all about exposure and education, to reverse some of the judgment and the hatred. It's a mighty world out there, and we hope to bring it to you in the most positive light.

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