Mina Caputo, Inspirational Trans Woman and Artist

This past weekend the T&B crew was in New York City. We had the honor of interviewing and filming Ms Mina Caputo, front woman for the rock band Life Of Agony. We met with Mina in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. In the interview, Mina gives us an insiders view of her journey, and her transition from Male to Female. Formerly known as Keith Caputo, Mina takes us on a journey of growing up with traditional grandparents in New York to being a rock star by age 20 in front of hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. From her secret dress up life at home and in the NYC transsexual clubs in the early 90′s to sleeping with prostitutes in Amsterdam all of whom she admired and loved and up through her transition from male to female, Mina shares her insights on being TransGender, and shares her views on sexuality, gender, marriage, monogamy, infidelity and more.  When I asked Mina, “Did your fans support you when you came out as Transgender?” Mina responded, “Mou, I just played a show in Hamburg last weekend for 60,000 people, you tell me.”

Mina is a true inspiration for our generation.