An Opportunity of a Lifetime

I just wanted to take a minute and talk about the intentions we have in producing this film for anyone who might be interested in working with us from a filmmakers stand point. Once funds are locked down, Darvo Hi Films in association with Overlooked Productions will begin crewing, although certain key positions have already been filled.

Currently, Director, Director of Photography, Sound Designer, Line Producer, and Unit Production Manager positions have been filled, though additional paid and unpaid production crew positions will become available in the coming months.

This project is unique because it is literally going to take us around the world to places some of us never imagined in our wildest dreams ever getting the opportunity to experience!

The production schedule for the meat of our content will be based entirely around our epic journeys over the next 2 years! Altogether, the schedule will include between 40 and 60 production days, and at least 80% of it will require being on the move traveling through airports and train stations. Nothing about the 'Sex and Religion' documentary film project will be easy, but I can guarantee it will be an experience of a lifetime for every single person involved!

Currently, if anybody is interested in volunteering grant research assistance, email me at

Chris Knitter, Producer
Darvo Hi Films and
Overlooked Productions