Where All The Sister Wives At?

Crusing through the desert. Dodging bullets here and there. Dodging people's glares, dodging people's stares. Colorado City polygs giving us a scare. Sister Wives and Brothels, only if you dare. 

Thursday we hightailed it out of Las Vegas. As we were leaving the hotel on Thursday, rightfully, by our check out time, our film's producer Chris Knitter, accidentally, of course, dropped his camera bag. Oh holy day praise the good lord jesus. And he cracked his lens. Or so he thought. Luckily for us, just the filter broke, but not before we thought the whole trip might need to be called off. No camera lens means no footage. But we hightailed it out of Las Vegas anyway, and we learned that it was just the filter that was broken and with some care the show could and would go on. (We would have done the research san footage, but the footage is so much fun!)

Onward and upward.... we went NorthWest to Sherri's Ranch in Pahrumph, NV. We were tipped off by the bell-boy. We originally were going to go to a brothel called Cherry Patch, but the candid Vegas bell-hop boy told us about Sherri's Ranch. http://www.sherisranch.com/ When we arrived, we were escorted by 3 lovely ladies: Kitty Cat, Riley and Destini, who showed us around and just hung out with us in the bar. The space itself is also amazing, like an oasis or a spa out in the desert, clean and serene. If we were going to have sex with a gorgeous woman, anonymously, this is where we'd do it. It's as safe as it gets. Way safer than meeting someone random hook up at a bar or club, we'd say. And you know it happens. Sex is happening and is real, or these brothels wouldn't exist. Luckily these people are on the real side of sex and have these brothels waiting here for you. And wait, these women are simply amazing. Gorgeous, smart and beautiful.  We highly recommend this brothel, and if you stay tuned you will eventually too get to meet these amazing women. We even hung out with some of the patrons who were super-excited about the film and the boss lady too who told us, "You are brave to make this movie." Granted it was our first brothel, and it sounds like we may have gotten spoiled. There are 27 brothels in Nevada. 26 more to go.

From there we headed East and eventually we made it into Arizona to a little ole town known as Colorado City, Arizona. Also known as Polyg community, where the reception was lukewarm and interesting to say the least. It's a small community not designed for visitors. There are no restaurants nor hotels. My guess is that since polygamy is itself illegal (several wives to one man), not to mention those who practice polygamy have been ex-communicated from the Mormon community, it's a secret society out here. The giant houses which look like compunds are mostly hidden with tall fence-like structures around them. The women and little girls wear long dresses that resemble pioneer days with their hair in buns and braids. The men wear chambray shirts tucked into slacks. It's really hard to find these people to talk to, let alone get to know someone. We are facinated by this community. We did get some footage but not without some serious hazardous conditions. You will have to see the film to see what we endured. Not even sure we should be posting this here.

In the news, Warren Jeffs, well known leader and self-claimed prophet in the Latter Day Saints community was sentenced to life in prison last week for sexual assault on minor girls. Yea, he was supposedly forcing 11 and 14 year old girls to marry their 1st cousins and stuff. Not to mention forcing himself on them. In the name of God. He believes he is doing the right thing and interestingly enough there has not been a large exodus with his departure, which might suggest elsewise in terms of aggression. 


We spent the evening on Thursday hanging out at a tavern in Fredonia, AZ right there on the border of Utah, and met a really cool bartender. She gave us all sort of tidbits, and wet our gullets and then sent us on our way. All in all we met some amazing people yesterday, and they have made this journey the most memorable.

As for the sister wives (term used to describe the several wives of a LDS polygamist) , where are they at? Seriously, Chris wasn't joking when he said, "Where all the sister wives at?" If you are out there and want to talk, completely confidential, we would LOVE to hear from you. 

"The polygs are bringing sexy back, one sister wife at a time."- Chris Knitter

And on that note, we say, do what you feel and love, AS LONG AS ITS CONSENSUAL and does not HARM anyone. Warren Jeffs supposedly harmed young girls, who are too young to give consent, which makes it more like coersion and intimidation, and we are not okay with that.  This movie is about celebrating sexuality. We are not here to judge.

Friday after some guerilla filming in the front lines of the polygamist communities, after many hours of driving north, we finally made it to Salt Lake City by 6PM. We then actually had some time to relax this Friday evening, by the pool and at a downtown grill for some good food and drinks. 

Tomorrow is Saturday, and in true guerilla form, a full day for us, and we're working with our faces to the ground, diving full court press into the Mormon Temple.