Susan M. Block, Sex and Religion Expert

Hey all, just want to start off by saying that my new book Marriage, Money and Porn is available, if you are a kindle user and reader of sex and relationships this book can help you break out of a relationship rut, if you are in one.

Now to the stuff of sex, religion, temples and brothels....

Last weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Susan Block, known for her unconventional sex therapy, debaucherous sex parties-slash-webshows and soon for her devotional views on sex, spirituality and religion. 

I met her at her downtown loft which is her office and studio and the space is pretty amazing. She hosts her weekly webisodes out of this gigantic loft, called Dr. Susan Block's SpeakEasy, and afterwards a pretty large sex party ensues. It's the kind of thing, where you might walk into any room and any number of sex acts might be going on with any number of people. Don't be shy, and don't be surprised. For the interview we met in her office, which is an open space filled with books and collectibles, from many places, representing many things. I saw a glass penis and a wooden vagina. I saw all her degrees hanging on the wall. I saw her bat mitzvah plaque. Yes, Dr. Susan Block was raised a Jew, and she is still a Jew. In fact, it was she who said, "Once a Jew, always a Jew," in the interview, when asked about her current views. 

In terms of the interview, I was impressed with her outlooks, to say the least. She was raised with Jewish values, and naturally as I had expected a lot of those values didn't quite mesh with her views on sex. Her desire to be free and open.  But, here is what impressed me the most. I automatically assumed, or guessed, (I prefer 'guess' to 'assume' as you know to assume makes an ass out u and me)  that she would say what I most commonly hear about organized religion. That it is because of organized religion and these religious views that we are a repressed society. And that for this reason she has denounced Judaism. That is what I thought she'd say.  She did not. Instead she went on to tell me how she still embraces and observers most Jewish holidays. We talked in particular about Purim. 


Purim is a joyful spring holiday that features a festive meal, gift-giving, costumes, noisemakers in the synagogue, and required drunkenness. Purim is thus sometimes nicknamed "the Jewish Mardi Gras" or "the Jewish Halloween."

Purim is such a joyous holiday that the rabbis teach it will still be observed in the messianic age, when mostl other holidays will be abolished. {2}

Purim is not one of the holidays commanded in the Torah, but it is rooted in the biblical book of Esther and its requirements are outlined in the Talmud. Purim has been celebrated since at least the second century CE, and probably long before. {3}

The word "Purim" means "lots," and refers to Haman's casting of lots in the story of Esther (see below). {4} Purim is also known as "The Feast of Lots."

What Dr. Susan told me was that she was enamored by Goddess Ester, who was rumored to give herself to the god for fertility, and that Purim is actually a very sensual holiday. Dr. Susan still celebrates Purim, but now she does it with an orgy. 


Here are some pics of us at the party, and of course, you will just have to wait until the film comes out to hear how this story unfolds. 


You can also click here to see pics from the show. 

I do want to thank Karolina Wojciechowska, you were an awesome assistant at this event. 

And Szymon Potynski for being an awesome camera man and filmmaker, working under pressure and the bossiness of your own girlfriend is never easy ;-)

And, last but not least, Bartek Rusztak, aka Bart or Karolina's husband. Minds were opened tonight, and I enjoyed watching it take place.

Also, Imtaz Waris it was a pleasure meeting you and your friends :-)

And of course, Suzy and Max, Thank You for your hospitality.

xoxo Mou


PS. More to come. I'll be at the Folsom St. Fair in San Francisco next weekend, which is another debaucherous leather sex party. And more interviews are lined up.