Adult Star MaryJean and The Misconceptions in Sex Work

This past week, Temples and Brothels went to a XXX networking event in New York featuring PenthouseHustlerand now XTREME cover model and adult entertainer MaryJean. The event was hosted by Lainie Speiser, publicist and author for the adult industry, and was in honor of MaryJean’s latest accomplishment, the cover of XTREME Magazine. According to MaryJean, “I’m so proud of this accomplishment! Being on the cover of Xtreme Magazine means you’ve arrived in adult entertainment, and your hard work has paid off!”


Congratulations MaryJean!! So lovely to meet you.

One of the topics of interest that was brought to our attention, which we’d love these ladies to address in this film, are the different distinctions in sex work, and the misconceptions they face. One of the biggest misconceptions that adult stars face is being confused as prostitutes, which clearly they are not. They are performers, adult entertainers and get paid to perform, while prostitutes provide a very different service. According to Lainie, this is something porn stars face on a very regular basis. I think the bottom line is we all like to be acknowledged for what we do, and not for something we don’t do.  This is no different in the sex industry. These are two very different professions. Unfortunately for our sex-crazed, yet misinformed society this type of oversight is not uncommon. Anything having to do with sex, we tend to lump into one big corner labeled “taboo,” only to come out in private, when no one else is looking. This sets us up for generalizations which is synonymous with ignorance.

As this film journeys through the demimonde, the underworld of sexuality, a world we see as a place where people are free to express themselves as they truly are, we are learning a lot. Knowledge is everything, and we are excited to bring to you all the bits and pieces we are learning… get informed and stay tuned…