Fanaticsm Far and Wide

What started out as a desire to make an art project, in a desire to artfully capture the beauty of the temples and the people's sometimes fanatical religious or spiritual beliefs in the East, then shifted into a film about sex and religion in the West, since we have temples right here in America, and religious, spiritual and sexual practice which can sometimes be veiwed as fanatical.  


Our goal was to expose sexual practices in a positive light. We feel that through exposure, information and knowledge is the only way society will slowly begin to shift its attitudes about sex and religion.  But since then my concept has shifted a bit.

Although we still want to make a sex positive film, about flying your freak flag, about not being judged, we also cannot ignore what is going on with the sex trade. The sex slave trade is not one of positive sexuality and the deficit to our humanity is huge. It has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions that the sex trade is being greatly under-reported in our media, while it continues to grow in a detrimental way, around the world. I couldn't make a film about Temples and Brothels while ignoring the sex slave and human trafficking.


Creator of Temples and Brothels